Welcome to TC9700Gaming.com! This network is all about bringing gamers the latest news, most helpful guides and consent video updates on our Youtube channel.

One of the main things that many gamers enjoy about this network is that I, Forest Byrd, the founder of the TC9700Gaming network, am always listening to the network’s followers through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. In fact, our Youtube following is growing at such an incredible rate that there’s no better time to get in on the action than now!

The great thing about this network is that it is constantly branching out and expanding itself. One of the things I feel is missing from many gaming related networks today is a true connection with their audience. However, me and my team are always listening to our audience and are creating content that you, the readers and watchers want!

One thing that sets our written and video guides apart from others is that most of the other guides out there only show a player demonstrating how to do something in the game but don’t actually explain how to do it. However, we not only show you how to do a certain thing or unlock a certain achievement, we walk you through the process of accomplishing what you want to accomplish step by step.

Another thing that we do is we make things like simple lists very interesting and interactive. For example, when we show you a list of guns from a Call of Duty game for example, we don’t just list the guns in one place, we give you a central hub from which you can access each weapon category and find an in depth look at the guns  themselves. Remember, we are your central hub for all of your gaming news, guides, gameplay videos and more!

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