Forza Horizon Car List

This list is constantly updated with the latest cars announced for Forza Horizon.

Brands so far…

Acura: 1 Model Confirmed

Audi: 1 Model Confirmed

Abarth: Brand Confirmed

Alfa Romeo: 1 Model Confirmed

Aston Martin: Brand Confirmed

Bentley: Not Confirmed! Thank you T10!

BMW: 3 4 Models Confirmed!

Bugatti: Brand Confirmed

Cadillac: Brand Confirmed

Chevrolet: 2 Models Confirmed

Dodge/SRT: 1 Model Confirmed

Ferrari: Not 1 Model Confirmed!

Ford: 1 Model Confirmed

Honda: 1 Model Confirmed

Lamborghini: 1 Model Confirmed

Lotus: 1 Model Confirmed

Maserati: 1 Model Confirmed

Mazda: 1 Model Confirmed

Mercedes: Not Confirmed Confirmed! Thank you T10!

Mitsubishi: 1 Model Confirmed

Nissan: 2 Models Confirmed

Pagani: Not Confirmed

Porsche: Not Confirmed

Saleen: 1 Model Confirmed

Toyota: Not 1 Model Confirmed!

Confirmed Cars so far…


Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Mazda RX7 FD3S

Ferrari California

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

Nissan 370Z

Bentley Continental SuperSports

Mazda Mazdaspeed Roadster

BMW 2002 Turbo – Thanks to Peter Kollberg for the Tip!

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X

Audi Quatro

Lexus LFA

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible

Honda/Acura NSX-R

Mosler MT900S

Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV

BMW E30 M3

BMW E92 M3

BMW F10 M5

Maserati Granturismo S

Ford GT

Lancia Stratos

Toyota Supra

Cars we want to see in Forza Horizon!

Pagani Zonda Cinque

Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster

Pagani Zonda F

Pagani Zonda F Roadster

Pagani Zonda 760RS

Pagani Huayra

Bugatti Atlantic – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Bugatti Galiber – Suggested by DominicAventadororange

Scion FR-S

Subaru BRZ

Subaru Impreza 22B STi

Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Dodge Ram SRT-10

Dodge Ram 1500 – Suggested by x NiTTMeRe

Dodge Ram 2500 – Suggested by x NiTTMeRe

Dodge Ram 3500 – Suggested by x NiTTMeRe

Dodge Ram 4500 – Suggested by x NiTTMeRe

1971 Dodge Challenger RT – Suggested by Metal Kaz

1970s Plymouth Cuda AAR – Suggested by Metal Kaz

1995 Plymouth Voyager – Suggested by Metal Kaz

Audi R8 V10 Spyder – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Audi A1 Clubsport Quatro – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

2011 Audi A8 – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Ford Mustang Boss 302

Ford F-150 – Suggested by x NiTTMeRe

Ford F-250 – Suggested by x NittMeRe

Ford F-350 – Suggested by x NittMeRe

Ford F-450 – Suggested by x NittMeRe

1992-93 Ford Mustang 5.0 – Suggested by KDM Racing

Ford Sierra 4-door Saloon – Suggested by Alan

Ford S-Max 2011 – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Ford Escort MK1 – Suggested by ep82

Ford Escort MK2 – Suggested by ep82

1994 Ford Ranger “Splash” – Suggested by Chris Carter

1991 Ford Escort GT – Suggested by Chris Carter

Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06 – Suggested by Metal Kaz

2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1- Suggested by Metal Kaz

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept – Suggested by Metal Kaz

2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – Suggested by ViperVette

1989 Chevrolet 1500 Sidestep

1999 Chevy S-10 Extreme – Suggested by Chris Carter

1984 Chevy Pick-Up – Suggested by Chris

1977 Lancia Stratos Rally Car – Suggested by Chris Carter

Mercedes SLS AMG

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

Mercedes McLaren SLR 722s

Mercedes C63 AMG

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series – Suggested by ForzaFLHP

Mercedes CLS63 AMG

Mercedes E63 AMG

Maybach Exelero – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Maybach 62s – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Maserati Kubang – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

1969 MG Roadstder


BMW M1 Concept – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

BMW Zagato – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

BMW E34 M5 – Suggested by Bimmer

BMW E39 M5 – Suggested by Bimmer

Koenigsegg Agera – Suggested by ForzaOverEverthing

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Reventon – Suggested by Metal Kaz

Lamborghini Urus – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Leyland Mini – Suggested by Barney Smith

Infiniti FX 50 S – Suggested by DomncAventadororange

Nissan Fairlady Z Twin Turbo – Suggested by Peter Kennon

Datsun Fairlady Z Concept – Suggested by Levin4LIFE

Fisker Karma – Suggested by DomncAventadororange

Spyker C12 – Suggested by DomncAventadororange

Spyker D12 – Suggested by DomncAventadororange

2005 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 – Suggested by jdm4life

1992 Nissan Sentra Coupe – Suggested by jdm4life

1994 Nissan Sileighty – Suggested by Levin4LIFE

Nissan Silvia S15 – Suggested by Levin4LIFE

Nissan Skyline R34 4 Door – Suggested by ep82

1984 Nissan 300 ZX – Suggested by Chris Carter

Nissan Laurels – Suggested by ep82

1996 Nissan Maxima – Suggested Phil W

Nissan Sl80 – Suggested by ep82

Nissan Onevia – Suggested by ep82

Mitsubishi Mirage – Suggested by jdm4life

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 3

Mitsubishi Colt MiVec

1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse – Suggested by Dustyn Trueblood

1998 Vauxhall Corsa – Suggested by Alan

Porsche 911 Carrera S 991

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 997

Porsche 911 GT2 RS 997

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Boxter S

Porsche Panamera Turbo S

Porsche Cayman R

Porsche 918 Spider – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Volkswagen Golf Mk1 (European Model) Suggested by Spacertje nl

Volkswagen Golf Mk2 gti and VR6 – Suggested by Spacertje nl

Volkswagen Golf Mk3 gti and VR6 – Suggested by Spacertje nl

Volkswagen Golf Mk4 R32 – Suggested by Spacertje nl

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 gti and R32 – Suggested by Spacertje nl

Volkswagen Golf Mk6 gti, R32 and R – Suggested by Spacertje nl

Volkswagen Jetta MK2 and MK3 – Suggested by Kaine

1963 Volkswagen Beetle – Suggested by Spacertje nl

20th Anniversary Volkswagen GTi Mk4 – Suggested by DarinShewy

Volkswagen Edition 35 – Suggested by DarinShewy

Toyota AE86 Trueno GT Apex

Toyota AE86 Levin GT Apex (liftback) – suggested by Levin4LIFE

Toyota AE86 (UK Spec Model)

Toyota 2000 GT

2007 Toyota Corolla – Suggested by jdm4life

Toyota Tacoma – Suggested by jdm4life

Toyota Glanza V – Suggested by ep82

Toyota Starlet GT Turbo – Suggested by ep82

Toyota MK1 Chaser – Suggested by ep82

Toyota MK2 Chaser – Suggested by ep82

Toyota MK1 Soarer – Suggested by ep82

Toyota MK2 Soarer – Suggested by ep82

Toyota Altezza (with TRD Bumpers) – Suggested by ep82

1976 Toyota Celica – Suggested by Erik intheGroove Anderson

1980 Toyota Celica Supra – Suggested by Erik intheGroove Anderson

Toyota Mark X – Suggested by Levin4LIFE

Toyota Corolla GT-FX 20V

Toyota Verossa – Suggested by Levin4LIFE

Toyota GT86 – Suggested by Levin4LIFE

Toyota Tundra – Suggested by jdm4life

Lexus IS-F – Suggested by Levin4LIFE

1993 Toyota SR5 Pickup – Suggested by Codeman 235

1989 Honda Civic Hatchback – Suggested by jdm4life

1995 Honda Civic Coupe/Hatchback – Suggested by jdm4life

1999 Honda Civic Coupe/Hatchback – Suggested by jdm4life

1990 Honda Civic SiR

2001 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan – Suggested by jdm4life

Honda Integra DA6 – Suggested by ep82

2002-06 Honda Integra – Suggested by K20aDc5

1999 Honda Accord – Suggested by jdm4life

1993 – 2000 Acura Integra – Suggested by jdm4life

1991 Acura Integra GSR – Suggested by jdmda9

2001 – 06 Acura RSX – Suggested by jdm4life

Acura TSX – Suggested by jdm4life

Acura TL – Suggested by jdm4life

Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DBS Volante

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish MK2

Range Rover Evoque – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Peugeot 306 Turbo – Suggested by Alan

Peugeot 106 – Suggested by Alan

1979 Mazda RX-7 – Suggested by Chris Carter

Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360 Spider

Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 Spider

Ferrari 430 Scuderia – Suggested by ForzaFLHP

Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F50

Ferrari Enzo (F60)

Ferrari F70?

Ferrari FF

Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 California

Ferrari California – Confirmed!

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

Bentley Continental Supersports – Confirmed!

Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

Ariel Atom V8

Noble M600

Noble M400

Koenigsegg Agera R – Suggested by ForzaFLHP

1998-2002 Ford/Mercury Couger – Suggested by Kuba

2013 DMC Electric Delorean – Suggested by Metal Kaz

1969 Pontiac GTO – Suggested by Chris Carter

Suggested features: The ability to retract convertible tops at will – Suggested by DomincAventadororange

The ability to open and close sunroofs – Suggested by jdm4life

More accessories including headlights, taillights, body kits and exhaust systems/mufflers – suggested by jdm4life

The ability to add lift kits to trucks, lowering kits to cars and trucks and the ability to tint your car’s windows – Suggested by X NiTTMeRe

Custom interiors, paintable brake calipers and lugnuts, custom headlights and tail lights and window decals – Suggetsed by Metal Kaz

The ability to make your rims pure white – suggested by Erik intheGroove Anderson

Be able to use a dyno and blow an engine – Suggested by Phil W

The ability to paint stock rims, adjust the ride hight to any extreme, choose deep dish wheels, install carbon fiber body parts and choose any brand of engine parts and exhaust systems – Suggested by K20aDc5

The ability to have CCW and BBS RS wheels and the ability to make them deep concave – Suggested by Ben10

Be able to install “skinny” front tires – Suggested by KDM Racing

The ability to repair damage – Suggested by Chris Carter

If there’s a car you want to see in Forza Horizon, leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list! Listed below is our in depth look at the Forza Horizon E3 2012 trailer. Enjoy!


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