Mario Games – Part 2

Mario Games – Part 2

Mario’s next bit game was “Super Mario land” which was released in 1989 in North America for the Nintendo Game Boy system. In Super Mario Land the player is tasked with saving Princess Daisy from the evil alien called Tatanga who wants to marry Princess Daisy.

Bowser does not make an appearance as a main character in Super Mario Land. Super Mario Land was relatively well reviewed by critics and well liked in the Mario games community. Also Super Mario Land was one of the only Mario games that featured vehicle gameplay. The game featured a plane and a submarine which both had the ability to shoot, another unique feature of this particular Mario game.

In August of 1991 the Mario games returned to their original story formula that featured Mario and his brother Luigi attempting to rid the kingdom of the villain Bowser. This Mario game was called Super Mario World (originally called Super Mario Bros 4 in Japan). It was also the very first Mario game to feature Mario’s mount, Yoshi who has been a staple character of the series ever since. The game also featured new power-ups that also became staples of future Mario games.

Super Mario World was very well received by players and critics alike and was very successful in the video game market with game sales being well over 20 million copies! One of the most popular power-ups introduced to the Mario games in Super Mario World was the “Cape”. When equipped, the Cape enables Mario to fly.

In November of 1992 the gaming world saw the release of Super Mario Land 2. Super Mario Land 2 was released for the Nintendo Game Boy and introduced several new features to the series. However, one of the most notable additions to the Mario games in Super Mario Land 2 was the inclusion of a new villain! Wario! Wario is the self-proclaimed absolute enemy of Mario and his brother Luigi.

The game’s storyline involves Wario stealing Mario’s castle and Mario must retrieve 6 gold coins, which are guarded by Wario’s minions. Wario’s role in Super Mario Land 2 also helped launch Wario’s career by spawning a spin-off game that featured Wario as the main character.

In October of 1995 yet another Mario game was released. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island was that game. In fact, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island was another great success and won the hearts of fans of Mario games and video game critics receiving high marks from almost every single video game focused magazine at the time.

The plot revolves around 2 babies (Mario and his brother Luigi) that are being carried across the sea by a stork. The game’s villain Magikoopa Kamek manages to steal Luigi from the stork but Mario falls onto an island known as Yoshi’s Island. There, baby Mario meets the Yoshi clan who agree to help him fight through 6 unique world and finally free his brother Luigi from the clutches of Kamek and baby Bowser.

Don’t forget for check back regularly so that you don’t miss part 3 where we take an in-depth look into Mario’s first 3D game! Super Mario 64!

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