Mario Games – Part 4

Mario Games – Part 4

In May of 2006 the Mario games made their way to the Nintendo DS for the first time with “New Super Mario Bros”. New Super Mario Bros was considered to be “2.5D” (somewhere between 2D and 3D) because of its use of 2D style platforming with elements of 3D animation. Many players enjoyed the new graphics style of New Super Mario Bros, we definitely did! The game’s 8 worlds were well detailed, diverse, well ranged in difficulty and very entertaining.

The game’s plot revolved around the same story style that has been a staple of the Mario games. Princess Peach is captured by Bowser Jr. and carried off to one of Bowser’s castles and it’s up to Mario to save her. Each world has either 2 or 3 Bowser castles and there’s a boss battle with either Bowser Jr. or one of Bowser’s other minions at the end of each castle level.

People that have never played a Mario game before would probably wonder how players could possibly play what is essentially the same storyline over and over. However, Nintendo is somehow able to keep fans of the Mario games coming back for more with each installment in the series.

New Super Mario Bros also featured a very cool Easter Egg that enabled players to play as Luigi instead of Mario. This Easter Egg can be activated by pressing the right and left bumpers on your Nintendo DS while selecting a saved file. New Super Mario Bros received praise from critics and players alike and was one of the most well received Mario games to be released in recent years.

In November of 2007 Mario ventured into Nintendo Wii territory for the first time with “Super Mario Galaxy”. Super Mario Galaxy was the very first Mario Game to completely take place in space. The game includes many different planets that have their own enemies, items and sometimes friendly characters that will help Mario on his quest to, you guessed it, save Princess Peach.

However, the game’s plot isn’t exactly like the games that came before it. For example, a new female character called “Rosalina” who uses her “Lumas” to help Mario on his quest. One of the things we enjoyed most about Super Mario Galaxy was its amazingly creative villain characters. Some of the boss battles are simply crazy and others are just amazing!

The game starts off with Mario walking into a party hosted by Princess Peach to celebrate a comet’s passing through the sky. However, Bowser is there to crash the party with a fleet of spaceships and tons of goons under his control. Bowser them summons a spaceship to lift Princess Peach’s castle out of the ground and carry it off into space. Mario attempts to save peach as she is taken by Bowser but his attempt fails and he ends up being thrown into deep space and eventually wakes up on an unknown planet.

Super Mario Galaxy also featured a co-op mechanic called “Co Star Mode”. Once this mode is engaged player 1 will be able to control Mario and do everything that Mario can normally do in the game while the second player has the ability to collect extra star bits and shoot them at enemies which makes it a lot easier for Mario to get through certain levels in the game.

Mario’s next venture into Wii territory came in November of 2009 with the release of “New Super Mario Bros Wii”. While it shares its name with a previous game in the Mario series New Super Mario Bros Wii is a very different game than its predecessor which was released for the Nintendo DS.

One of the most important new features added in New Super Mario Bros Wii was the ability to have four players. Players could choose between Mario, Luigi and two different colored toads. The element of co-op play in a side scrolling Mario game added a whole new element of fun to the game.

Just like New Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo DS New Super Mario Bros Wii is played in 2.5D which is a mix between 3D animation and 2D gameplay. Many players enjoyed this 2.5D format. We feel that it was a great update to the classic formula that Mario games have used successfully for years.

New Super Mario Bros Wii also introduced a somewhat controversial gameplay mechanic called “Super Guide”. Super Guide will allow the player to skip a difficult section of any level in the game if they die more than eight times. Some players criticized this feature saying that it takes an element of accomplishment out of the game by allowing new players to skip difficult sections.

The latest of the Mario games is “Super Mario Galaxy 2” which is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. The plot picks up right where Super Mario Galaxy left off and finds Mario on the way to a party called the “Star Festival” to spend some time with Princess Peach. However, without Mario’s knowledge, Bowser has grown to immense proportions and decides to attack Princess Peach’s castle, kidnap Princess Peach and attempt to rebuild his empire at the center of the universe.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 features many of the characters from Super Mario Galaxy and adds some new ones as well. For example, a new luma mechanic called Lubba that builds a new starship for Mario. Throughout the game Mario meets up with characters that will be familiar to anyone that has played any of the previous Mario games. For example, his mount Yoshi, his brother Luigi and the Toad Brigade from the original Super Mario Galaxy.

The game ends with Mario infiltrating Bowser’s installation and defeating him and his minions. Rosalina then appears and thanks Mario for all that he has done to save her and the Lumas.

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