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Mario Games

There have been many different Mario games over the years that have spanned many different genres. However, Mario games have always stayed true to their fun, platforming formula. Many of us enjoyed the Mario games as a child and even more children are enjoying them today. However, many of the people that play Mario games today aren’t aware of Mario’s deep and interesting history. Get ready to take a trip back in time as we take a look at the entire list of Mario games in chronological order!

Many people remember Mario for his first appearance in the 1983 title “Mario Bros”. However, his first appearance was actually two years earlier in the arcade version of “Donkey Kong”. Mario was portrayed in Donkey Kong simply as “Jumpman” but was renamed as Mario for the release of “Donkey Kong Junior” in 1982 where he was portrayed (for the only time in his career) as a villain.

When Mario and his brother Luigi burst onto the video game scene in 1983 with “Mario Bros” the Mario games started their rise to popularity. The game’s plot featured Mario and Luigi going into the sewers to fight off nasty creatures that live there. The game mechanics from Mario Bros were extremely well received by critics and players alike and would be used in further Mario games for years to come.

With lots of exposure gained from Mario Bros, the Mario franchise leaped forward with the release of “Super Mario Bros” in 1985. Super Mario Bros is arguably one of the absolute best video games ever created. In fact, Super Mario Bros was the bestselling video game of all time until it was overtaken by “Wii Sports”. The plot for Super Mario Bros is essentially the same plot we see in Mario games today.

The story follows Mario as he attempts to rescue Princess Toadstool (now known as Princess Peach) from the evil “King Koopa” (now known as Bowser). The game featured eight unique worlds that found Mario battling through until he reached the final world and his battle with Bowser. Super Mario Bros also featured a two player CO-OP mode which is still regarded as one of the most influential CO-OP titles to date.

In 1990 “Super Mario Bros 3 was released in the US. Super Mario Bros 3 was one of the bestselling Mario games ever released with over 7 million sales in the US alone! Super Mario Bros 3 featured many new power-ups and gameplay mechanics that had never been seen in a Mario game before and were very well received by the community. In fact, many of the features found in Super Mario Bros 3 can be found in many of the newer Mario games.

The story of Super Mario Bros 3 is based around Mario and his brother Luigi attempting to rescue the rulers of seven different kingdoms from Bowser. The game featured the tried and true eight world formula that fans of the Mario games have come to know and love. One of the biggest innovations of Super Mario Bros 3 was the inclusion of the 1-up mushroom which allows the player to gain an extra life when picked up. The 1-up mushroom has remained in the Mario games to this day.

In 1993 the western video game market was introduced to “Super Mario Bros USA” (also known as Super Mario Bros 2). One of Super Mario Bros USA’s unique features was the ability to select one of four characters before the start of each level.

The player could choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach (also known as Princess Peach). Each of the characters had their own unique ability which gave this particular Mario game some extra longevity. Peach has the ability to float in the air, Toad can pluck vegetables the fastest, Luigi can jump the highest and Mario can run the fastest.

Thanks for reading part 1 of the history of Mario games! We hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to check back regularly for part 2 of the history of Mario games!

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