Need for Speed Live Action Movie Confirmed!

The gaming scene has been hearing about the idea of a Need for Speed movie for years. But many of us never expected EA to actually confirm it. But that’s exactly what they’ve done! And while many people are already predicting that it’s going to be a poorly done, Fast and Furious rip off, I’m not so sure. If we look at it in more detail, we can clearly see that there’s a lot of potential here.

Over the years the NFS games have been leaning more and more towards a movie style format. It started with NFS Underground and has been going strong since. And while the live acting was pretty cheesy, I found it entertaining. I think the closest NFS game to a movie is NFS Most Wanted. It had by far the best story and acting in any Need for Speed game.

Another reason why I think this movie has so much potential is because the director of the realistic war film, Act of Valor will be directing it.

EA reached out to Warner Bros. Sony and Paramount Pictures to do the movie. But the idea ended up getting picked up by Dreamworks Studios. What this means for the movie we don’t know yet. What we do know though is that it’s on schedule for a 2014 release!

Although official information has not yet been released on the film’s plot, I think it’ll probably be something like this – A street racer, on the run from the cops with some girls thrown in the mix. However, it would be nice if they added a few other things because that’s pretty much how NFS games have been for the past 6 years or so.

Personally I’m really hoping that the movie is mainly based around racing, not gun battles. Sure, a few here and there are fine but if it’s going to be a “Need for Speed” movie, I want the emphasis to be on racing.

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  • rusty

    tomcat i reckon there should be like 2 gun battles like one in cars and then another one not in cars etc. Well you know what i mean? bye.

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