PS3 Trophies and More

PS3 Trophies and More

Thank you for checking out the PS3 Trophies section of our site. We appreciate your viewership and hope that you will join the thousands of people returning on a daily basis. Whether you’re interested in PS3 Trophies for shooters like Resistance 3, racing games like Gran Turismo 5 or adventure games like Uncharted 3, our PS3 Trophies section will certainly have something for you!

We also have content that is specifically targeted at certain games (Gran Turismo 5’s car list for example). We hope you enjoy your time hear. Please continue reading.

If you’ve just purchased a PS3, you’re in for a lot of fun playing games, unlocking PS3 Trophies, playing online with friends and more! If you’re new to the PS3 system, you may not know how the PS3 Trophies system works.

Most PS3 games feature PS3 Trophies. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies. Gold trophies are worth more than Silver trophies and Silver trophies are worth more than Bronze trophies. When you unlock a new Trophy it goes on your profile. When it goes on your profile, your friends will be able to see that you’ve unlocked a new PS3 Trophy.

As you can imagine, these trophies encourage competition between you and your friends. However, one of the great things about the content here is that you will be able to unlock a lot more PS3 Trophies than your friends in a shorter period of time.

This will enable you to finish games faster and have more bragging rights than your friends. Remember, the more you trophies that you unlock, the better you will become at unlocking them. That means that by using the information here, you will not only be able to unlock more trophies than your friends but unlock them in a much faster period of time.

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