The Fattest Video Game Characters of All Time!

The Boomer from Left 4 Dead

Boomers are fat, annoying zombies that make it a habit to get near you and then explode! However, they don’t just explode. They shoot zombie puke at you before exploding! And that has to be one of the nastiest things to ever happen in a video game.

Rufus from Street Fighter 4


I don’t know about you but I’m extremely surprised that Rufus can even move considering his size. He’s by far the fattest character to ever appear in a Street Fighter game. In fact, when I first saw Rufus, I wondered if Capcom had run out of ideas for new characters! But, all jokes aside, Rufus turned out to be a funny and original addition to the series.

Wario from the Super Mario series


Wario is the perfect, cartoon villain. He’s sort, has a large head, a huge nose, a pointy moustache and he’s quite fat. Wario’s personality involves nothing more than constantly being grumpy. And he has farts that can kill.

Snorlax from Pokemon


I would imagine that if you lived like Snorlax did, you’d be fat pretty fat to. After all, all Snorlax does is snore, eat and relax! Weighing in at over 2,000 pounds Snorlax is one of the heaviest Pokemons of all time. I still can’t figure out how it can fit into a poke ball.

Snorlax has somehow transported his immense self into games outside of the Pokemon universe, one of the most notable being Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Bowser from the Super Mario Series


One thing I’ve noticed from playing the Mario games over the years is that Bowser seems to get fatter and fatter every time. Now, I’m sure some of his mass is muscle, but how much of it I’m not sure.

You see, Bowser spends most of his time hidden from view in secret chambers of his castle. And I have a suspicion that he’s down there stuffing himself with every last sweet he can find.

King De De De from the Kirby Series


Much like Bowser, King De De De is mischievous, short tempered and quite obese. He carries around a huge mallet that he uses to smash anyone that gets in his way.

The reason for his obesity is his habit of eating extremely large amounts of food at once. In fact, he once stole all of Dreamland’s food supplies in order to have a midnight feast!


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