What Forza Horizon Needs Part 1: More Wheels

If you’ve played Forza 4, you’ll know that there definitely isn’t a shortage of custom wheels to choose from. However, I think that Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games would be wise to consider putting some of the following brands into Forza Horizon.

ADV.1 Wheels

Why ADV.1 wheels haven’t made it into the Forza series yet is totally baffling. If you haven’t seen any of ADV.1’s wheels before, what are you waiting for!?

They mainly specialize in deep concave wheels but that doesn’t mean that they’re limited. In fact, they can build almost any type of wheel imaginable! They don’t cater to a single market either.

While some wheels only look good on BMWs or Audis or Nissans ADV.1s look good on everything! (Except dreadful VW Beetles of course)

HRE Wheels

Before you say something like “HREs have been in the Forza series for years! Why are you bringing them up?” Allow me to explain.

Some of the most beautiful wheels HRE makes haven’t yet made it into Forza. For example, HRE P40s are probably the best product HRE makes and yet they haven’t been included in a Forza game.

Another wheel made by HRE that doesn’t get a lot of attention in video games is the 560R.

I know I’m probably sounding like a wheel geek at this point but please bear with me.

Strasse Forged Wheels

I hadn’t known about the guys at Strasse Forged until recently but Oh My God! They have some serious passion! By looking at some of their videos it’s clear that they love cars, wheels and have a strong drive behind their work.

I’m not sure how to describe it but the wheels they make have a very dramatic look that I’ve never seen any other company replicate.

If you know of any other wheels that you want to see in Forza Horizon, please let me know. I’d love to hear your opinion!

Suggested Feature by ep82: The ability to paint different parts of your car’s wheels. Including the rims, lips and spokes.


  • ep82

    more japanese style wheels, maybe 2 or 3 different ares of therr wheels could be painted like in midnightclub LA (e.g black centre wheel with a polished lip or a blue lip ect. and different colour D1 lug nuts)

    more wheels like xxr 501’s and bein able to notice the difference in the width of wheels (wheels sitting out of arches on really wide wheels)

    • Tomcat9700

      I couldn’t agree more dude! I’ve been wanting to be able to paint wheel lips in Forza for so long!

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