Where Are the Mario Games Going To Go Next?

Where Are the Mario Games Going To Go Next?

Over the years the Mario games have changed and evolved but have kept the same classic formula that has made the entire Super Mario series great. However, we are entering a new generation of game consoles and this brings up the question of where are the Mario games going to go next?

Before we look to the future of the Mario games however, we must look to the past. We’ve found that some people are worried about what Nintendo will choose to do with the Mario games in the coming console generation. However, we believe there’s no need to worry because the Mario games always adapt perfectly to their console environment.

For example, look at the legendary Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 was such a good game because developers at Nintendo made Mario’s transition from 2D to 3D simple. They didn’t do anything that messed with the core of the game itself. Even though you’re following the same storyline that the Mario games have had for years, every new Mario game still feels fun and fresh.

Another great example of the Mario series transitioning well to a new console is Super Mario Galaxy. Many people thought that the new motion controls for the Wii would ruin the classic experience that was found in previous Mario games. However, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 both delivered fun and interesting new gameplay mechanics while still retaining the classic feel of the Mario franchise.

So, as we enter the generation of the Wii U, we’re definitely hoping that the next Mario game (known now only as Super Mario Wii U) lives up to the previous games in one of the best series of video games ever created.

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